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10 Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs. 1000

The combined use of several components make a complete gaming setup, and every component is of equal importance. It isn’t like a powerful CPU alone can take care of your gaming needs, and therefore every single component has a very important role to play.

You take away one component, and your setup is incomplete, and the keyboard is one such device that has a role of immense importance. While playing games, we directly interact with the keyboard and, therefore you must know the best of the keyboards that you can find under a minimal budget of Rs 1,000.

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Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000 In India

1. Zeb Transformer Keyboard

Zebronics Zeb Gaming Keyboard

The Zebronics Transformer Keyboard tops the list of best keyboards that you can find under a price of Rs 1000. The design is entirely based on the modern standards of gaming and the metal aluminum body very fairly justified this device being named as the transformer. 

This keyboard is loaded with multiple LED colored lights and 104 functional keys with multimedia controls. The keyboard is equipped with a braided cable of superior quality and a high-quality USB connector.

The multi-color LED and the premium metallic aluminum finish gives it a perfect gaming aesthetic look that almost any gamer would want their keyboard to look like. This keyboard has been loved like any other Zebronics product, and the reviews suggest that it is fairly a good option to go for while looking for the best gaming keyboards under Rs 1,000.

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2. Redgear Blaze 3

Redgear Blaze wired Gaming keyboard

The Redgear blaze 3 is one of the premium looking gaming keyboards out there with a complete metallic aluminum body and multiple color modes to give an extra touch of vibrant colors to your gaming setup.

It is equipped with 19 anti-ghosting keys and also comes with windows key-lock function to avoid pop-ups in the middle of games. The elegant design and ergonomic structure remain the highlight of this device that allows gamers to have their hands on this for long gaming hours.

Definitely a potential product to consider while looking for the best gaming keyboards under a price of Rs 1000.

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3. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-02 Corona

Cosmic Byte Wired Gaming Keyboard

The cosmic byte is one of the very recognized and popular brand among gamers, and it has been delivering a range of gaming-friendly products that have received wonderful attention so far. This beautiful looking keyboard is loaded with 7 RGB colors for the backlights, and the brightness could be adjusted up to 4 levels.

Along with the mentioned, the gamers have the control over 9 varieties of effects that they can choose for the backlighting. This Cosmic byte gaming keyboard comes with 19 anti-ghost keys that are absolutely scratch resistant and are super easy to clean.

The keys are tested to be ultra durable and are capable of handling up to 10 million keystrokes. The design and structure of this gaming keyboard are very much suitable for optimized gaming performance and comfortable to operate.

The keyboard also has keys dedicated to multimedia operations like media controls, sound, internet and more. The braided cable of 1.6 meters in length is used to allow flexibility when it comes to the position of the keyboard and also to avoid tangling of wires.

This device too has received immense love from the users and therefore makes it to the list of best gaming keyboards under a price of Rs 1000.

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4. Night Hawk NK102

Night Hawk Best Gaming Keyboard Under 1000

The design and structure of Night Hawk NK102 are optimized for improved gaming performance allowing the user to have control over speed and responsiveness like never before. Night Hawk is quite a popular brand when it comes to gaming devices and this too stands fit as far as the gaming standards are concerned

The special ergonomic design ensures that the gamers are comfortable for long gaming hows having their hands on this masterpiece. It is loaded with 19 anti-ghosting keys for advanced gaming control.

It has received tremendous response from the users and the reviews and ratings of this product suggest every possible reason for why this keyboard deserves to find a place in the list of 10 best gaming keyboards under Rs 1000.

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5. AMKETTE Evo Fox Fireblade

Amkette Evo Fox Fireblade Gaming Wired Keyboard

The Evo fox Fireblade by AMKETTE is loaded with all the necessary features that any gamers would need to dominate their opponent’s performance. The gaming keyboard, Evo fox Fireblade comes with elevated non-erasable laser engraved keys and 19 anti-ghosting keys allowing advanced control over gaming.

It is equipped with rainbow backlighting with breathing effects that gives it the perfect gaming aesthetic appearance and the key are ultra durable capable of handling up to 10 million keystrokes.

It is loaded with 12 multimedia keys and a USB plug and play. This too was loved by all the gamers out there, and the reviews suggest it is definitely a wonderful option to consider while looking for the best gaming keyboards under a price of Rs 1000.

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6. Chiptronex Kranos

Chiptronex Kranos Gaming Keyboard

The Chiptronex Kranos is one of the very powerful keyboards, with elegant design, ergonomic structure and super suitable for gaming. It is loaded with 7 different RGB lighting modes and effects.

With numerous shortcut keys and 10 multimedia keys that allow direct control over media options like sound, music and more make it one of the most desirable keyboards that gamers look up to.

5 backlight brightness levels and adjustable breathing effect speed gives you a little control over what your keyboard actually looks like in terms of lighting and effects. Each one of the keys in this keyboard is laser engraved with superior-high-quality painting, which wouldn’t get off with just sweat or dust.

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7. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-05 Titan

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-05 Titan Wired Gaming Keyboard

It isn’t surprising at all to find multiple devices by Cosmic Byte in the same list of best gaming keyboards under Rs 1000. Like the other cosmic byte devices, this too has been accepted very well by the gamers.

Just like the earlier one in the list, this model too has a metallic aluminum body and elegant design specially for optimized gaming performance. The ergonomic structure allows you to have long and comfortable gaming sessions.

Loaded with anti-ghosting keys, that are absolutely scratch-resistant and easy to clean keys make it one of the very desirable gaming keyboards out there at such an affordable price. The rainbow backlight of this keyboard remains a highlight and the mentioned specifications make it clear that this device deserves to be in the list of best gaming keyboards under a very minimal budget of Rs 1000.

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8. Offbeat Slayer

Offbeat T Dagger Wired Gaming Keyboard

The offbeat layer is another such gaming-friendly keyboard that comes with a range of extraordinary features making it one of the best gaming keyboards that you can find under Rs 1000.

This Offbeat slayer gaming keyboard is equipped with 12 multimedia shortcut keys that allow fast and complete control over media options like sound, music, fast forward, rewind, skip, etc.

The gamers need not worry at all about spilled liquid, as the offbeat slayer is well aware of you coffee habits, this keyboard comes with a drainage hole that seeps out any little splash of water or coffee on the device. A total of 114 functional keys are present on the keyboard and can be connected through the corrosion free USB connector it comes along with.

The keys are ultra-durable and are capable to handle over 10 million keystrokes. It comes with a red laser backlight for vibrant and bright appearance. It has been absolutely well appreciated by gamers, and is very suitable option that aspiring and amateur gamers can look forward to purchase under a price of Rs 1000

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9. Live Tech Evon

Live Tech Evon Gaming Keyboard

The Live Tech Evon is a very suitable gaming-friendly keyboard to consider under a price of Rs 1000. It is loaded with multiple media keys dedicated to integrated media control and smoother gaming experience.

The ergonomic design allows gamers to be in comfort for long gaming hours while having their hands on this beast. The design and structure make it one of the very premium looking keyboards out there.

The LED backlight remains a highlight for this device and the reviews and ratings of this keyboard suggest, it is one of the best keyboards that you can consider under a price of Rs 1000

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10. Redgear Canyon

Redgear Canyon Gaming Keyboard

Redgear has been among the few brands which have been consistently coming up with a range of products that are very much gaming friends. One such device is the Redgear canyon gaming keyboard.

This keyboard is loaded with 10 modes for LED lighting and the design of this keyboard is super elegant. One of the major highlights of this keyboard is that it allows the user to have control over the LED speed and brightness.

This device has received a wonderful response from the users and is one of the very potential options that amateur and aspiring gamers can consider purchasing while looking for the best gaming keyboard under Rs 1000 

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The mentioned keyboards were filtered through hundreds of similar products and sorted based on reviews, ratings, responses and specifications to make sure, we present to you the best 10 gaming keyboards under 1000.

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