Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000

10 Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs. 2000

Are you a gamer? Well, we’ve got something really amazing you may like! 

This pandemic has given a chance to almost each one of us to utilize the time and prove productive to the fullest. And this is the only best part that the pandemic has. If you’re a gamer or gamer to be, it’s a complete boon for you to make use of the time and make money out of it.

But have you ever wondered, having enough time is not anymore the case to be appreciated until and unless you do have appropriate components to start your gaming career?

Well, the gaming keyboard is one such component that is mostly used by any gamer. It should sustain all sorts of wear and tear that the gamer does to it unknowingly and still be ready for the next rough and tough use.

We’ve got you some amazing keyboards within the price range of Rs. 2000, so that you can make your gaming career more fruitful than it was before.

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Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000 In India

1. Redragon Karura 502

Redragon Karura USB Gaming Keyboard

The Redragon Karura 502 is one of the most preferable gaming keyboards that one can have, as it comes with a set of features that makes it a completely silent keyboard with 104 quiet keys which are totally meant for longer durability and reliability. It is an RGB backlit keyboard offering 7 different colors and 4 backlit brightness levels without affecting much of your eyes during the game and also it comes with an adjustable breathing speed facilitating the illumination to be completely off.

The best part of this keyboard is that the keys offer almost zero resistance, making it perfect for gamers without making them miss any action shot or the other. Along with that, it has a shorter key travel distance as compared to the other keyboards, which in turn leads the gamer to not waste any moment of instant which might be a complete game-changer.

Most importantly, the keyboard comes with an Ergonomic waterproof design that is built to withstand the average liquid spill. The moment you use this keyboard, it completely doesn’t matter, if you are extremely intense with your game and it provides you a way out for you to be always comfortable. This is a must buy keyboard under the range of INR 2000.

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2. Redragon Asura K501

Best Gaming Monitor Under 2000

The Redragon Asura K501 is a complete treat to the eye when it comes to the looks. Also, it may prove the best partner, in the long run, to give a tough competition to the opponent. It comes with custom membrane switches which are very much suitable for ultimate gaming performance and that too with much ease. 

Like others, it comes with 7 colored LEDs, with rotating or fixed color making it more attractive for gaming giving a complete set of ambiance to the environment of gaming, and with 10 backlighting modes, the beauty of gaming increases even more. Also, it is made with ABS construction which includes the laser engraved keycaps for clear backlighting conditions making the whole set to be durable and achieve rigidity and longevity for long term use.

It comes with a complete set of 104 keys with an additional numeric keypad and containing 20 multimedia keys. It is a waterproof model that has a splash-proof design, making it suitable for gaming in tough conditions. More importantly, it comes with a  switchable WASD and arrow keys giving options to the gamers of whichever configuration they might be comfortable in. This is good to go under the price range of 2000.

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3. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 Mechanical Keyboard

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 is a complete blue color switched keyboard with 104 no. of keys in total and is completely a mechanical keyboard with Braided cable. There is a range of more than 50million operations that the keys of the keyboard can support.

Moreover, it comes with anti-fanding double-shot keycaps making it suitable for the gamer to indulge in the game without any other concern. Also, the mesmerizing aluminum body makes it a complete buy thing in terms of design. 

It has the backlit effect with rainbow backlit and comes with up to 10 backlit effects that the gamer might feel comfortable in. It also provides 3 levels of brightness control with a backlit speed adjustment option, making it a complete set of the keyboard that fulfills the basic needs of a gamer. It is a very much suitable keyboard for a low-budget gamer to buy under the range of 2000.

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4. Redgear Manta MT21

Redgear Manta Gaming Keyboard and Gaming Mouse

The Redgear Manta MT21 is a gaming keyboard is a complete LED keyboard that offers 3 backlit options. It has different colors of LED for different options and also comes with a sleek aluminum design that looks attractive as well as light in weight.

It comes with a floating lightweight keycap which gives the gamer a complete mechanical touch feel that helps the gamer give complete rest to the fingers without hurting most of the time. 

It supports the Windows operating system which is the commonly used OS and comes with 104 no. of keys. The backlit options in the keyboard are a complete treat to the eyes as the backlighting options put some ambiance in the gaming world. This is a must-buy option for gamers under the range of 2000 rupees helps them get unlimited typing without any damage.

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5. Circle Battle Pro

Circle Battle Pro Gaming Keyboard

The circle battle pro is a 7 mode backlit keyboard with breathing light and anti-ghost keys without clashing with 11 multimedia hotkeys, which can be said as the specialty of this keyboard. It has windows independent lock in it that makes it more convenient to buy.

It has advanced waterproof conductive films that help the keyboard absorb the liquid spills on it. Also, the different height of the keycaps gives a feel of a complete professional gamer, and also the semi-mechanical feel helps the gamer to use it a bit more every time.

The S-Mould ergonomic design and high-quality abs with environment protection materials make it perfect for gaming as well as streaming the same for long hours without getting interrupted. This keyboard has been tested with 30 stringent tests making it a good to buy a product in the range of 2000.

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6. Ant Esports MK1000

Ant Esports Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Ant Esports MK 1000 is a complete ambient keyboard with backlighting conditions having each row a specific color combination. Along with this, it has preset lighting effects and anti-ghosting 87 keys where each is controlled by an independent switch, that lets you enjoy high-grade games with faster response.

The individual, clicky Outemu Blue finished switches deliver the gamer accurate, responsive key commands for typing and gaming. Also, it has an incredible 50 million keystroke lifespan which helps the gamer in the long run. 

The best part in this keyboard is that it comes with 87 key rollovers that don’t let the pc confuse your command and also it helps the gamer never miss a single keypress. The double shot ABS keycaps and brushed metal panels are extremely durable and abrasion-resistant, which again makes the keyboard suitable for a beginner with a price range under 2000.

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7. Cooler Master Devastator 3

Cooler Master Devastator Gaming Keyboard

The Color Master Devastator 3  is an exclusive Mem-Chemical keyboard completely made with plastic having a brittle design making it suitable to use an unlimited no. of times without breaking. It comes with a single blue LED-backlit, making the whole surrounding blue with its lighting conditions.

It comes with a polling rate of 125Hz, that determines the frequency of the keyboard operation, as well as it comes with the multimedia detector, that helps the keys to suit the operation that is being performed with the keyboard.

This keyboard comes with a USB 2.0 connector, which is durable and reliable and comes with dedicated media keys. The mechanical switches help the gamer adjust the speed of the typing and helps it add custom keycaps, making it a complete one go solution for a gamer under the range of 2000.

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8. HP K300

HP K300 Gaming Keyboard

The HP K300 is a completely elegant keyboard that comes with a sleek plastic design making it completely brittle and strong. It has a special LED Backlit highlights that add to its elegant looks and functionality. 

The cool multi-color backlight, night backlit effect and adjustable brightness adds complete ambiance to the gaming environment whereas the suspension keycaps help the gamer provide rest to the fingers. Also, the unimpeded, high and low-key layout to adapt to the human hand tapping motion arc makes it a complete one-stop solution to the gamers out there.

It is compatible with Windows XP/VISTA, Windows 7 and above, and also with MAC OS, that sets the gamers to connect it with all ranges of OS and make gaming possible in all sorts of environments. It is good to buy a keyboard in the range of 2000.

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9. Night Hawk NK102

Night Hawk Gaming Keyboard

The Night Hawk NK 102 keyboard comes up with 3 color static LED and anti-ghosting keys, that sets the whole keyboard on a professional level. It comes with a complete metallic finish of completely black color.

This keyboard has time and again proved top-notch performances without compromising on durability. The special ergonomic design ensures that no matter how long the gaming sessions are, gamers are always comfortable.

Also, it comes with 3 color static LED backlit keys that enhance the gaming experiences of the gamer to a professional level. Every time, one uses it, it gives a completely new experience every time. This keyboard is the best keyboard to practice gaming on a beginner level which will lead you until you become a pro. It’s a good to go option under the range of 2000.

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10. Cosmic Byte CB-Gk-15 Triton

Cosmic Byte CB-Gk-15 Triton Gaming Keyboard

The Cosmic Byte CB-Gk-15 Triton comes with full RGB with software to LED lights control. The 6 gaming keys were assigned the macros helping the gamer to become more precise about the operation. It has a 7 color RGB backlight option for the gamers further adding 8 levels of brightness.

Also, it comes with 26 anti-ghosting keys that are easy to clean. It provides scratch resistant surface inscriptions that let the keyboards run for a long time without getting the keys scrapped from it.

The best part about the keyboard is that it provides a key life of up to 10 million keystrokes, which makes it completely different from the other keyboards under the range of rupees 2000.

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Based on the user’s response and the reviews, the mentioned are some of the best gaming keyboards under 2000 that any aspiring or amateur gamer can consider purchasing to kickstart streaming or just to enjoy the seamless, smooth and immersive gaming experience.

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